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Our experts at Gold Coast City Pest control use a variety of ant management methods to eliminate even the most resilient ant issues.

Ants are unpleasant and challenging to manage. Homeowners frequently try and manage ants themselves. However, such solutions only provide short-term solutions, and the ants will eventually return, frequently in bigger numbers.

Here’s where our ant specialists can be useful. Knowing the species, its behavior, and the best safe products to use are necessary for long-lasting ant control.

Common ants on the Gold Coast

  • Common ants on the Gold Coast
  • Coastal brown ant
  • Black house ant
  • White-footed black house ant
  • Brown house ant
  • Funnel ant
  • Green headed ant
  • Pavement ant
Pest Control Gold Coast
Pest Control Gold Coast

Our highly experienced Gold Coast team will ensure the right solution to protect your home or business using safe products, methods and highest level of care

Pest Control Gold Coast

Understanding ants- Gold Coast

Ants are widespread insects that are present in most regions of the planet. Even though there are several ant species, they all have a few distinctive traits. Their bodies are divided into three parts: the head, the abdomen, and the thorax. All ants also have six legs, and their antennae are bent. Their bodies are shorter than their legs and antennae.

Ants range in size from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch, and they can be black, brown, or reddish. Even though the majority of ant species are harmless to people, if they get into your house, they may be rather bothersome.

Ant behavior- Gold Coast

Due to their preference for constructing their nests close to food and water sources and the fact that humans frequently provide an abundance of food for ants, ants are popular household pests. They are social insects that reside in colonies in the hundreds of thousands.

Every ant in the colony performs a vital function. Female ants are all workers of the colony. They assemble food, create nests, and tend to the larvae. On the other hand, male ants only need to mate with the queen ant once to multiply their population. The queen’s job is to produce eggs to maintain the ant colonySigns of an ant infestation- Gold Coast

Ants can enter your home discreetly and fast. The majority of ants are only a nuisance, but if they get into your pantry, they can go into open food containers and eat whatever they can find. For the other ants in their colony, pheromone trails to food and water are left. That implies that if one ant makes it to your food, a large number will soon follow.

If you think you have an ant problem, keep an eye out for lines of ants traveling over your walls or floors. Keep an eye out for dirt mounds near your house because they could indicate the formation of a colony.


There are a few quick housekeeping tricks that will make your home less appealing to ants and will help reduce the risk of future ant infestations.

  1. Clear the plants and trash from the area around your house.
  2. Close up any gaps near doors and windows.
  3. To stop ants from entering brickwork through weepholes, use weephole guards.
  4. Leave no pet food outside.
  5. immediately clean up spilled food and unclean dishes.
  6. Maintain food in airtight plastic containers.