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Blood-sucking fleas can settle in your home in pursuit of their next blood meal. Fleas normally live on animals but can also live on humans. These pests contain a variety of infections that cause illness and in addition to causing discomfort. A flea infestation in your home is a severe issue that has to be addressed right away.

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What are Fleas?

Small, blood-sucking parasites known as fleas typically prefer to feed on furry animals but will also feed on people under emergency circumstances. These little insects can’t fly, but because to their long rear legs, they can jump very well. There are almost 2,000 different species of flea in the globe, but only 325 of them live on the Gold Coast.

How can I prevent a flea infestation?

To prevent a flea infestation, you need to make your home and yard unappealing to these pests. Here are a few tips to follow to prevent a flea infestation.

Home prevention

Homeowners can take preventive actions within the home in order to keep fleas at bay and prevent an infestation.

  • Vacuum regularly and pay special attention to carpets and rugs
  • Empty vacuum bags.
  • Clean the bedding, including pet beds, frequently.
  • Ensure proper ventilation.
  • Remove garbage and clutter regularly.
  • Yard prevention
Pest Control Gold Coast
Pest Control Gold Coast

Yard prevention

Conducting regular outdoor maintenance can help reduce your risk of fleas taking up residence in your yard.

  • Mow the lawn.
  • Trim back shrubs.
  • Keep animals away from your yard.
  • Wear an insect repellent containing DEET while outdoors

How you may assist with a flea treatment

  • Utilize an appropriate veterinarian product to treat your dogs.
  • On pet bedding, eliminate fleas and their eggs. Your choices are:
  • Use boiling water to wash all pet bedding.
  • A sealed black plastic bag containing the bedding should be left in the sun for a few hours.
  • Throw away the pet bedding after treating it with a pesticide.
  • While people and animals should be kept out of the treatment areas until the treatment is dry, our treatment materials are safe to use around children and pets on carpets and inside places.
Pest Control Gold Coast

Benefits of choosing GOLD COAST CITY PEST CONTROL for your flea control

The pest control specialists from Gold Coast City Pest Control are well-versed in a variety of effective techniques to help get rid of all fleas in your home, regardless of their lifecycle stage.

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