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Even though we try our best to locate and destroy the nest directly, this is frequently not possible because they are frequently well-hidden and might be up to 100 meters distant from the house! As a result, the termite treatment frequently gets under way by getting rid of the active termites inside the structure.

Termite control methods may include the use of termite bait, dust, or foam. We will suggest the ideal product for your circumstances. Depending on the severity of the termite infestation and the solutions employed, all are intended to get rid of termites from your home and can take anywhere from a week to many months. Although it can take longer to work, baiting is the most efficient method of destroying the colony.

The importance of termite a management system- Gold Coast

It is frequently impossible to prove that the nest has been destroyed once the termites have been removed from your Gold Coast home (as frequently it cannot be identified). Installing a termite management system is therefore necessary to offer long-lasting termite protection by preventing termites from the same nest from returning or termites from other nests from moving in.


Non-repellent” products like Termidor are the newer (and superior) necessary options.
The termites reach the treated area unaware of presence of the chemical, where they come into touch with the termiticide and die. The most effective termite treatment is Termidor or fipronil.

The soil surrounding the land may not always be suitable to treatment (too rocky, too steep, etc.). A termite monitoring and baiting system would be the ideal termite management solution in these circumstances.


The safe, non-toxic, and non-invasive termite baiting and monitoring systems are made to detect foraging, feeding, and colony termites.

The in-ground and in-concrete termite baiting and monitoring stations are typically installed at 3 meter intervals around the exterior of all structures. This serves as an early warning system to enable our termite experts to eradicate termites and termite colonies before they attack structures and cause damage. Where active termites are discovered inside of structures, above ground termite bait stations are deployed.

Making use of insect growth regulator (IGR) technology, termites spread the very alluring bait food source to other termites inside the colony until all termites, including the queen, are destroyed.

Latest and most advanced baiting system available


The trelona baiting system is different to the older style of baiting systems as it works 24/7, it contains internal “tablets” that contain cellulouse and the active ingredient novaluron. These tablets are safely locked in the stations, Termites love cellulose and consume it unknowingly also consuming novaluron, and chitin synthesis inhibitor that eliminates the complete colony through feeding.

Trelona baiting stations all have inside active tablets so that when termites intercept on one, they immediately begin to feed on it, dispersing the bait/tablet throughout the colony.

Because every station has bait loaded, the Trelona baiting stations catch termites faster and more effectively.
Coptotermes and Schedorhinotermes, two of Australia’s most frequent home destroyers, have shown that the sophisticated bait matrix is irresistible to them.